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about me

"Nature has always been my passion" - Mireia



"Mireia did a great job. She really transformed my garden & patio"



"Mireia helped me select the right plants & gave me loads of practical tips"



"I’ve got bees & butterflies- right in the centre of Barcelona!"

I’m a Barcelona-based gardener who wants to share their passion with the rest of the world.

I live in the centre of town, ​​El Born, an area which often seems like its turned its back on nature. Which is why my objective is to share my passion with you to try & bring some greenery to Barcelona. If we can fill this city with plants and flowers it will have so many benefits, both for us & for others: we'll breathe better, we'll work better, we'll play better, we'll live longer & we'll make the city a haven for wildlife. 

With my background in education I believe that through plants I can teach us to reconnect with nature and brighten up your day to day life.

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